Geometric Panels

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Shown below are my window-sized panels with geometric designs. Original designs, except where noted. Some panels are available for sale and prices are noted in those cases. Glass photography is quite challenging, and does not always do justice to the actual panel. Our outdoors with hills, trees, and decks is quite visible through many of these panels.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version.

Value: $1600 for the set
31" x 18.375" each

Commissioned design for 2 living room windows. To create colored bevels, I layered a clear bevel on top of a colored diamond, foiled them together, and inserted them after the rest of the lead came panel was completed. More info.

Value: $1,500
37" x 45"

Commissioned design for a 2-part window.  More info.

Value: $1000 per pair
Left: 14" x 32" each.
Right: 15" x 34.5" each

Freehand design for laundry cabinets. Outer colors reversed. Cabinets not located side-by-side and their positioning means that they are not seen at the same time, although they are in the same room.  More info.

Value: $900
8" x 32" each

Design based on client request for modification of a Frank Lloyd Wright  adaptation. More info.

Value: $650 for the set
6" x 12" each

Client's design for the sidelight in her entry. More info.

Value: $400-500 per panel
12.5" x 36", 11" x 35", 12" x 35", 15.5" x 35

Freehand design for kitchen cabinets. Design goal was to see into these cabinets, but not completely. More info.


Value: $425
30" x 19"

Adapted from a free design. Hangs in our remodeled guest bathroom to obscure the view into the hill from under a deck.

Original pattern:

Value: $160
8" x 18"

Experiment with clear glass and an abstract design. Hangs in our library.

For Sale: $160

Value: $200
15" x 13.5"

Textured glass and bevel sample. The turquoise bevel is two layers - clear bevel with turquoise below.





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