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Shown below are my window-sized panels with a floral theme. Original designs, except where noted. Some panels are available for sale and prices are noted in those cases. Glass photography is quite challenging, and does not always do justice to the actual panel. Our outdoors with hills, trees, and decks is quite visible through many of these panels.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version.

Value: $1200 each
20" x 33" each

Clematis design from my photos for client's living room cabinets. Design is reversed for left and right sides of fireplace with different color schemes, inspired by the featured painting in the room as well as the room and fireplace tile colors.  More info

Value $450
14.375" square

Donated to Chinese Culture Center's  benefit silent auction.  Adapted from a Chinese painting. More info

 Value: $850
25" x 16"

Stylized Iris based on my photo. Entry door panel for Arcata cabinet maker. More info.

Value: $475
12.5" x 18.5

Design from photos. Installed on outside of bathroom  window in sheltered entry. More info.

Value: $375
14" x 18.5

Donated to AIA. Design based on photo of California poppies on Angel Island.

Value: $350
16.25" x 13.5"

Donated to AIISF. Benefit theme was "Restoration",  represented by the plum blossoms Design based on several photos. Actual twigs used. More info.

Value: $2,500 - $3,000
69" x 21"

From my photos of a camellia and potted plant at our home. Installed outside the master bath shower window to increase privacy. More info.

Value: $350.
14.5 " x 13"

Camellia from newspaper photo. More info. Sold at the 2012 Mill Valley Senior Art Fair

Value: $450
22" by 33"

Original design with iris modified from  clip art and other files. Installed in our master bedroom.


Value: $350
15.5" x 15.5"

Donated to AIISF. Benefit theme was "Lotus Club".

Value: $170
8" x 18"

Adapted from a larger design. Experiment with clear glass. Hangs in our library.

Value: $100
7" x 10"

Adapted from a larger design. Hangs in our library.

For Sale: $100

Value: $800
20" x 16"

From my photo of a camellia. Hangs in a guest bedroom.

For sale: $800

Value: $800-$950 each
19" x 37" (each)

From my photos of Tahitian tiare and hibiscus. Hangs in our powder room to add privacy, especially after the acacia outside the window was removed. More info.


Value: $700 each
35" by 20" and 31" by 19"

From my photo of an iris. Two versions, using different glass. Right version hangs in our master bathroom. Left version hangs in a guest bedroom.

Left Version For Sale: $700




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