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These are projects I have donated to various groups for benefit auctions. The Angel Island Conservancy (formerly, Angel Island Association), Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF), and the Chinese Culture Center have been the primary recipients of my donated works. I try to work with the benefit theme, when applicable, or select a topic related to the organization's interests.

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Value $450
14.375" square

Donated to Chinese Culture Center.  Adapted from a Chinese painting. More info

Value: $600
19.5" x 15.5"

Donated to Angel Island Association. Perle's Beach on Angel Island, inspired by an original oil by Sherrill Miller. More info

Value: $350
16.25" x 13.5"

Donated to AIISF. Benefit theme was "Restoration",  represented by the plum blossoms  Actual twigs used. More info.

Value: $350
20" x 13"

Donated to AIA benefit auction. From Surrey Blackburn photo.

Value: $400
22" x 13"

Donated to AIISF. Inspired by poetry on Angel Island Immigration Station Detention Barracks wall.

Value: $150
Approx. 8" x 4" x 2"

Donated to Chinese Culture Center. The box and the lotus symbolize harmony, their benefit theme (Harmony and Bliss).

 Value: $450
16" x 15"

Donated to AIISF. Annual Benefit theme was "Making Waves". 

Value: $350
15.5" x 15.5"

Donated to AIISF. Annual Benefit theme was "Lotus Club".

Value: $450
21" x29"

Donated to AIA. From S. Blackburn photo of Ft McDowell.

Value: $300
24" by 15"

Donated to AIA. From my  Angel Island photos.



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