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Sunrise Art Glass is a boutique stained glass studio in Mill Valley, California. My goal is to create unique stained glass projects for discerning clients who prefer high quality and attention to detail and desires over mass production. I work with both lead came and Tiffany (copper foil) methods. I love the entire process of making stained glass, from design to fabrication. However, I limit the number of projects I do each year so that it continues to be a delight rather than a chore.

If you have an idea for stained glass, I can help. The tools I use allow me to create samples of designs with various glass options and email them to you and to create full-sized printouts to hang in your home before you commit to a design or color scheme. Learn more about me and how I approach projects.

I can also overlay my designs on a photo of your proposed placement to give you a good idea of the final result, even before any glass is purchased. Please contact me if you have a project in mind.

In February, 2006, my church project, shown at the top left, was featured as a 'Design of the Month' by Dragonfly Software.  My tree of life entry window was another 'Design of the Month' in September, 2011. Read more about both of them on the Project Details page.

My large panels are typically set or hung next to existing windows, providing the appearance of installed glass with portability: you CAN take it with you when you go -- at least to your next home! The exception is cabinet and door panels, which are installed in the door frame.

I also create small items, which are available in 2- and 3-dimensions. Projects to date include sun catchers, holiday decorations, candle holders, tissue box covers, picture frames, and lidded decorative boxes. I have experimented with enclosed pyramids to encase memorabilia (sand, pebbles, and shells from both Iceland and Tahiti so far) and small planters are an upcoming possibility.

This site shows a number of examples of my work. My window-sized panels are organized by type: Floral, Geometric, Donations, and Other Styles, focusing on my larger works and installed pieces. The Sun Catchers page shows my smallest items. Glass Boxes displays candle holders, tissue boxes, and hinged boxes.

Opportunities discusses some of the ways that stained glass can solve decorating problems within a home. The Project Details page provide additional details about the design and creation of some of my work.


The right to download, store, or use the designs, photos, and text found in this web site is granted for personal use only. The materials on these pages may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Sunrise Art Glass Studio.

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